May The Fourth Be With You! A beautiful bookmark set from 1983

Greetings Atomic Mates, happy Star Wars Day and May The Fourth Be With You!

To celebrate here at The Atomic Mage I present the complete collection of the 1983 Return of the Jedi bookmark set made by Random House in the US.

These sixteen collectable vintage bookmarks feature many of our favourite characters from a galaxy a long, long time ago, and are beautifully portrayed in an art nouveau / art deco style. They are among my favourite collectables and manage to tick three themes I love: Star Wars, books and art.

I’ve tried to research the artist(s) responsible but have had no luck, and can only guess it was done by in-house artists employed by Random House – one of the largest trade book publishers in the world.

Happy Star Wars Day. Enjoy 😀

Thanks for looking 😀


  1. Hello Mage! And Happy May The Fourth to you as well. This is a really nice and probably rare full set of bookmarks – and they’re in fantastic condition. I thought they might have been drawn by the artists from Marvel and the publishers at Brown/Watson who produced the Star Wars Vol.1 graphic novel adaptation book from 1978 – then I read Random House so I’m not sure who the artists are. As you say, probably in-house talent at Random. Hope you enjoy the rest of the big day and beware of “Revenge of the Fifth Day” tomorrow…all the Darkside of the Force fans come out and play!

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  2. Those bookmarks are pretty special – I wouldn’t mind having a set of them myself (though I’d settle for Obi-Wan. It’s a shame that there’s no information out there about the artist(s) responsible…

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  3. I don’t know if I’ve fessed up to this before but I’ve never seen a Star Wars film. Be that as it may, I can certainly appreciate these bookmarks; they’re so nicely done it’s hard to pick a favourite.

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  4. I completely forgot about your new blog! But I am here now lol and these bookmarks are so beautiful, I just pinned them from your site to Pinterest 😀 I love the look of your new blog, so arty and colourful!

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    • Yay, thanks Julie. The bookmarks have been in my collection for a long while now, and fortunately I picked them up complete before Star Wars collectables prices went crazy. One of my faves. Nice one for the Pinterest pinning 🙂
      Glad you like my sister blog to TVTA, it’s coming along nicely 😊

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