Six Sentence Stories – The Book of Flood

Six Sentence Stories is a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog.

Each week a cue word is given and everyone is invited to submit a poem, short story or article made of exactly six sentences. Join us as we have fun with the form!

This week’s cue word is: Home

Editor’s note: Hi, Ford here from The Vintage Toy Advertiser blog which is entering a hiatus now after ten long years. This is my new blog The Atomic Mage where I will continue to join in the fun of Six Sentence Stories!

I was intending to let my new site ‘bed down’ for a week or two before attempting a Six here, but when I saw D had chosen ‘Home’ as this week’s prompt I couldn’t resist jumping straight in from my new ‘home’ here.

So, excuse the mess, there are boxes everywhere waiting to be unpacked, and do you think I can find the kettle anywhere?!

The Book of Flood

By Ford, 7 April 2021

The flood came with all the potence and madness of fallen angels, ferocious tigers and rabid dogs, hornets drunk on nectar and murder, and false gods plucking fake promises from pockets empty of empathy yet plump with gold.

The flood washed away my home, ripped it up whole and swept it along rivers drowned past their eyes, into lakes submitting their shoulders to seas, oceans converging to a landscape of wetness beyond my imagination and wildest dreams.

Luckily I had battened down the hatches, plugged all gaps, and my watertight home sailed on above sunken islands and continents once scored on maps.

How I span and rolled to the boundless waves and the tug of the moon; a freshly-folded paper boat sent sallying down the gutter to meet the greater sea – and there I saw another shell just like me, and I called out to her across the nautical miles which separated us.

In time the waters subsided, and polka dot peaks of land poked their heads into a brave new world and its plimsoll line.

Our homes – our shells – had survived the flood, and we slithered from our spiral caravans onto wet sand, earth, grass, gardens dripping wet with the promise of evolution, as we learned how to speak and read and write, and to pass down our legends to the young ones who would one day be born in greener times.    

Thank you for reading 🙂

Image: fantasy street art mural at Ecole Michel Zunino, Var, France. Artist: Loïko. Photo: Ford


  1. Ford,
    May your newborn, freshly folded, art home shell,
    Carry you to wondrous places,
    May the seas be kind to you and the winds favourable,
    May the Muses accompany your lonely nights,
    And busy days,
    May the universe shine through your creative testament.

    Oh, wait…is this a mast I see…a flag of an Atomic Mage!!
    Ahoy captain.
    [I’m sure your tea is magical (a little pun intended), but I pray to Poseidon you have some Uisge Beath from Islay.]

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you my friend for the good spirits you send, and to include too ‘the most richly flavored scotch whisky in the world’. Yet to try, but tonight will toast the maiden SSS voyage here with a rum rummer – ahoy me hearties!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You suck, V! Which is to say, applying the Constanza Effect, I totally loved this piece. It’s cadence, imagery, allegory…
    “..into lakes submitting their shoulders to seas..” So many wonderful lines. Poetry indeed.

    Enjoy settling in and getting comfortable with your new “home”.
    Btw, didn’t the tea kettle fall behind the box with all your sketching supplies? Over there, by the ficus tree,… yeah, there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love it, D 😃 And it’s a bit like when one talks about the band Primus favourably and declares: ‘Primus sucks’. And boy do they.
      Glad you like the offering, your prompt word was just perfect for this 😎
      Ah, cool, just found the kettle, your directions were spot on. Wait, how did you know? What are you doing in my ‘new home’? Well, you are most welcome, would you like a nice cuppa now and a slice of cake? 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. For my ‘favorite-bunch-of-words-that-make-you-wonder-how-they-do-that’,

    …polka dot peaks of land poked their heads into a brave new world and its plimsoll line.

    For me, a little less Noah and a little more Hendrix (from Electric Ladyland) as musical prequel to your delightful set piece.

    New digs… a whole bunch of un-furnished rooms waiting to be discovered, cool

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Clark. Yes, some Hendrix would make a cool prelude to this!
      The new digs being decorated as we speak (need some Hendrix poster now 😎)
      Furniture arriving next week already fully built so I can disassemble it then put it back in its original flat packs to go for that ‘reverse Ikea’ look, which I heard is gonna be hot this summer!!


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