Welcome to The Atomic Mage – test post

Hi, Ford here, editor from The Vintage Toy Advertiser

Welcome to The Atomic Mage – my brand new blog focussing on poetry, fiction, art, books, comics, retro publications and more! 

My previous blog of ten years standing is The Vintage Toy Advertiser which has entered a period of hiatus, so if you know me from TVTA then feel free to join me at my newest venture here.

Look out for the official launch soon!

This is a test post.

placeholder logo: (the actual robot is arriving soon!)

Text tests

Shaker Man

Shaker Man’s coming.  Boogieman. Urban legend.
Campfire antagonist. The monster under your bed.
Why’s he called Shaker Man?
Does he make you shake with fear?
No. He imprisons you in his globes of snow, rain and ash,
And each time he’s mad he shakes those globes until
Nothing remains but your broken bones.
Shush! I hear him coming.

(by Ford, 2021)


To Kurt Cobain. Written 5th April, 2004.

Ten years on –

The spirit lives on.

Loved as much now as you were then.

Except now they call you ‘muppet’ and ‘loser’,

And throw soggy tomatoes in a post-Lollapalooza.

And the Aberdeen bands and Seattle scenes

Will still linger –

Touched by your songs,

The trigger and the finger.

The guns of, stomach pains of Kurt,

Cramped up and fetal in a blue checkered shirt.

Did you feel some kind…

Some kind of hurt?

(by Ford, 2004)

Image tests

Kim Wilde media file resize 500

pre gig. Medium upload attachment page then custom size 450


Star Tours X-Wing Fighter. Media large


enter read more

Text test multi upload attachment page. Flaw5 flyer. Resize 400.


Text test multi upload attachment page. Metallica 88. Resize 350.

test over, thanks for looking 🙂


  1. Hm, I sensed you talking about me…powerful in the Force am I! Great to see the early progress oh Atomic Mage!
    Funnily enough I do have a droid I modelled based on the one seen in the Playstation computer game Jedi Knight Fallen Order! I called him “dROYd”.
    Anyhoo I am subbed and following!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, no I hadn’t. Just listened. Brilliant technology, but yes kinda like having to ransack through graves to get there. It’s being done in a good cause to raise awareness for the mental health of artists, and at this experimental stage sounds like rough rehearsal songs the band(s) might have made in a garage back in the day. It could well create issues later when improvements to the tech and AI learning happen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do like the cause … it still freaks me out though 😉 I feel like this weird inbetween version … not old enough, not a real millenial … I even have friends who never signed up for Facebook! They still kinda like read books!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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